Evgenia Jivkova: “Black is the most fashionable colour this winter”

An interview by Maria Vassileva

* Todor Jivkov’s granddaughter shares details about her newest collection Extravagant winter

Why does winter have to be extravagant?
- My entire collection is more extravagant, clothes are different and that was the reason to chose this name. There are volumetric shoulders, double-breasted jackets, which imitate men’s military jackets.

What are the main tendencies in women’s fashion this season?
- Dresses have frills, skirts are dynamic, there are outer seams (as well in jackets), sections. Clothes are decorated with beads and chiffon fringes.

„Екстравагантна зима” „Екстравагантна зима”

Which are the most fashionable colours for the cold weather and why?
- These are grey, lead blue and black. If speaking of lighter colours, we can mention cyclamen.

What inspired you while working on your new collection?
- It is a difficult question. I would not say that nature inspired me. Maybe some historical periods – recently Renaissance inspires me a lot. Asymmetry and lengthening of the back part of jackets are very interesting. Fabrics inspire me – in some cases, I see the fabric and I already know what to do from it.

„Екстравагантна зима” „Екстравагантна зима”

How much do your clothes cost and where are they sold?
- Prices are different because clothes are different. Dresses cost between BGN 500 1000. Costumes cost at about BGN 250-300. The price depends on fabrics and on time, spent on production. Clothes can be found in my boutique – 12, “Patriarh Evtimii”.

What weaknesses does the style of Bulgarian women have?
- I think that Bulgarian women not always manage to combine colours. Very often they dress inappropriate for the occasion.

„Екстравагантна зима” „Екстравагантна зима”

What about Bulgarian men? Do you intend to make a men’s line?
- I think that it is the same for men as for women. It seems to me that Bulgarian man does not pay attention to his outlook, does not maintain his shoes and can not combine the colour of his hoses with shoes. Speaking of a men’s line – yes, I have thought about it but for now I do not intend to make men’s clothes. I have produced uniforms for state institutions but it is a completely different thing.

What are your favourite world designers?
- They are very different. I like Ferre, Chanel, Valentino, Armani. I can mention some younger designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander Mcqueen, John Galliano.

„Екстравагантна зима” „Екстравагантна зима”

Can you share with us some details about your fashion show in the USA?
- I was invited by the Bulgarian fashion chamber to represent Bulgaria on an international designer competition. Our country will be presented by fashion and tourism. An award “Designer of the world” will be handled.

What does your daughter Ludmila study in the USA and does she help you in design?
- She studies at Plank Instute – Interior design. We will see what she has learned when she arrives at the end of the year for New Year holidays.

„Екстравагантна зима” „Екстравагантна зима”

What according to you is always in vogue?
- Little black dress and classical costume – with skirt or trousers.

Describe in some words the perfect students’ outfit.
- I have made projects for students’ clothes. According to me, it must be in blue and red, maybe combined with green and with lots of checks and stripes.

1. – 9. Designs by Evgenia Jivkova, Autumn-Winter 2009-2010.
10. The designer of Jeni style at the end of her show.
Photo: © Moni Franses

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