DRESS WITH…CHOCOLATEWhile the world`s top designers presented their Haute Couture collections, other kind of creators offer something unusual. It's not everyday clothing and you can... eat it, because it is made of chocolate.

Dresses, bags, accessories and even shoes – for master-confectioner nothing is impossible.

First forty-seven year British Cool Francis created a whole collection of ladies shoes and bags of chocolate. Patterns are varied - there are shoes on points of hearts, with a zebra pattern and in different colors. Recently, the sweetest temptation entered in the production of apparel in Bulgaria. This time contribution in the development of the fashion comes from master-confectioners from Plovdiv. They transformed 700 kilograms of Belgium chocolate into beautiful dresses.


1. – 2. Dresses and shoes made of chocolate look just like real.
Photo: www.znam.li

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