Obstacles to plastic surgery

Snejana Avramova

The plastic surgeries made in many countries are quick and harmless procedures. But in Bulgaria there are still a few good specialists. So we often hear all kind of rumors for silicon bust that has disintegrated, for liposuction which erases cellulite and so on. These thoughts are wrong in general but they have to be discussed in order to prevent negative results.

Every operation is a challenge to the human system. The anesthesia, the surgical intervention and the healing take time and demand strength. That is why you should estimate your health condition and think through all pluses and minuses before taking the decision to undergo a plastic surgery. People who suffer from any kinds of breaches of the cardiac activity; hypertension; bronchial asthma; systematical diseases like rheumatism; diabetes; oncology; HIV; hepatitis C and other diseases should avoid plastic surgeries. Also smokers sometimes can feel negative effects because the blood circulation in their organism is in worse condition and their tissues receive less oxygen then the usual amount. Women who have good morbid growth – like cyst should not undergo cosmetic procedures for bust enlargement. Plastics of the nose may be dangerous in youth age because the bones and tissues are still growing, and after the age of 40 when the stretch of the skin is worsened and the recovery takes more time and energy.

When you decide to undergo a plastic surgery you must be informed for every potential danger and negative effects for you. The best way is to ask a doctor specialist. The result of the operation depends on the healing and consolidation of the wound which depends on the health of the patient. For vegetarians this process will take more time because their nutrition is inadequate to natural habits. So they should balance their meals before undergoing an operation.

Another good thing you should know is that before the surgery – around two weeks – you should not take medicines like aspirin and paracetamol because they disturb the coagulation of the blood and may cause big hemorrhage during the operation or after it.

After all it is good to be cautious but plastic surgeries are not as dangerous as they may seem on first sight. If you think you need some beautification or removing of a physical defect the decision waits for you as far as it is individual and determined of whether you have enough money to afford it.




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Silviya Madina

Winter is definitely the laziest season of the year. During it everybody wants to hide to some warm and cozy place, to rest and not to spend extra energy in training, because under the thick wool sweaters and coats hardly can be noticed the gained kilos. As live creatures, this is a normal adjustment of our body because it is trying to save as much energy as possible and to turn it in bodily warmth. The energy reserves are spending slowly when there are less movements, this is the main reason why a lot of mammals hibernate. But unlike them, we- people don’t have to allow the lack of movements in the winter. Just in contrary- this is the season when we should exercise even more active and systematically. The sport will protect us on one hand from gaining weight and on the other, from catching a cold. The body refreshment with the daily needed “portion” of sport is the most effective and healthy vaccination towards flue and cold. It helps to the organism to hold up its warmth and to isolate the freezing winter cold. It makes us more healthy, vital and full of energy.

The magic effect of the winter sports is also a guarantee that you will keep in good shape during the holidays. The sport will also protect us from the spring depression, which comes when we realize that our favorite clothes are already small for us, and the low- waisted jeans and tight fitting blouses are not for us anymore. We can’t miss the fact that the regular physical exercises in winter will help us to get over the spring fatigue and to adapt faster to the spring dynamic way of living.

Along with all its useful visible effects, which they have on the body, winter sports also bring happiness, cheerful spirit and unforgettable moments. They are mixture of on one hand grace, elegance and beauty and on the other of extreme soul and adrenaline. Ones of the most popular and beautiful winter sports, which are appropriate for everybody, are: ice- skating, skiing and snowboarding.

Other offers for winter sports are: biathlon, ski- running, bobsleigh, toboggan, curling, sledge- cars, hockey and short track. But they need more professional training, the equipment for them is very expensive and also the facilities for their practice in Bulgaria are too poor.

That’s why the offers of Fashion Lifestyle Magazine how to be in fit and be happy during the winter by sporting are: skating, skiing and snowboarding. According to your character and emotionality, choose those one, which will perfectly suit to your soul and will give you most power.

SKATING - beauty and finesse

If you are emotional person and estimate the grace and aesthetic, undoubtedly this is the best winter sport for you. It loads your body down enough, brings you free spirit and cheerfulness. The smiled faces of the people, who are “dancing” on the ice, additionally load you with optimism and happiness. The music on the skating- ring tonics and cheers up the atmosphere. The time there is like flying and the effect which the skating causes to your body is extremely big. It sculpture your figure and parallel with this disciplines grace and fine movements in you.

Настроението на ледените пързалки е винаги веселотанца върху ледената пързалкаНастроението на ледените пързалки е винаги весело

SKIING - classic in winter sports

Skiing is one of the most universal sports of the season. It is appropriate for everyone, never mind what age, sex or character are you. The facilities for practicing this sport in Bulgaria are very rich. Resorts like Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovetz and a lot of more offer excellent ski tracks, equipments and facilities. It’s also very easy to find out professional ski- teachers for all levels- from beginners to more advanced. The love towards skiing is guaranteed. This is also the sport which is most often used like a visit card of the winter season. Skiing helps a lot for keeping in good shape and tone. This sport loads you with power and buoyancy. The adrenaline doubles your pleasure and enjoyment of skiing.

Ски пиститеКарането на ски ни откъсва от проблемите

SNOWBOARDING - the youth culture of 90s

You are living for the adrenaline? You are keen on the extreme sports and the new sensations? So than undoubtedly this is your winter sport. Snowboarding is the newest and the freshest of all sports on the track. It is an ode to the freedom which turned into a new religion for the young people. The white racing on the unbeaten snow tracks, the down- hill race at lighting speed make you feel something new, a feeling of liberty and boundlessness. This sport is useful for your figure because in it every part of the body is active- the hands, the legs and the waist. Snowboarding is a new sensation, which we heartily recommend to every one of you, who is adventurer.

Сноубордът- съчетание от здраве, красота, адреналин и страстДа полетим на крилета на сноубордаПри карането на сноуборд участва всяка част от нашето тяло

No matter which one of our offers you will choose, or you will prefer some other sport, the most important is to move, to train and to keep in good shape and condition in winter time. Find out the best combination for you of sport and pleasure and enjoy it!

1. - 3. The spirits on the ice ring are always gaily. Young and old people are relaxing there after the tiring working day.
2. The beauty and refinement of the dance on the skating ring are undisputable.
4. The ski tracks in our country are so varied in levels of difficulty- there are for beginners as well as for professional skiers.
5. Skiing makes us forget our problems, it loads us with optimism and keeps our body in perfect condition.
6. Snowboarding- a combination of health, beauty, adrenaline and passion.
7. Lets fly off on the wings of the snowboard.
8. In snowboarding all parts of our body are active; it helps us to synchronize perfectly our movements.

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