*1th October
Paris, France. Fashion show of lady’s clothing and accessories /till 5th October/.

*3th October
Hong Kong, China. Fashion show of accessories /till 4th October/.

4th October
Sofia. International festival of hair-style and beauty, hall “Universiada” /till 5th October/.

*5th October
Paris, France. International exhibition of children’s clothes and accessories /till 7th October/.

*8th October
Sofia. National final of the contest “Show me your sloggi” and presentation of collection autumn-winter 2008-2009 of “Sloggi”, hall “Mati”.

*10th October
Sofia. Floralprêt-a-porter and demonstration of the famous Dutch florist Johann Frederick Liher in the occasion of the opening of trade center “Tilia”.

*14th October
Tokyo, Japan. Tradeshow of the textile industry /till 16th October/.
Montreal, Canada. Fashion week /till 17th October/.
At 14th October 1939 was born the famous American designer Ralph Lauren.
The birthday of the Czech model Daniela Pestova.

*17th October
Miami, USA. Exhibition of the jewel industry /till 20th October/.

* 20th October
Shanghai. Exhibition of the textile industry /till 23th October/.
At 20th October 1954 was born the famous advertising and fashion photographer Mario Testino.

* 22th October
Sofia. Official opening of "Paciotti" boutique. Special guest – Cesare Paciotti, Sofia, 14 "Saborna" Str.

* 23th October
Dallas, USA. Fashion exhibition of men’s and lady’s clothing /till 26th October/.

* 25th October
San Francisco. Fashion week – runways of fashion houses and designers /till 28th October/.

* 28th October
Sofia. Fashion theatrical festival of fashion house "Roshavata garga", theatre "Alma Mater" of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

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