* The bearer of the special prize of Fashion Lifestyle Magazine talks about her passions and dreams, for the love and for the compliments, for the insolent menand for the favorite things in the life

Gergana Chakarova is a promising young fotomodel and mannequin. She was born at 13th of February 1990 in Pomorie. She is a schoolgirl in the last year in the Commercial secondary school in Burgas - specialty “Entrepreneurship and management”. She is tall 171 cm and her sizes are 86/65/91 (Bust / Waist / Haunch). She is bearer of the title „Miss Pomorie 2006”. During the contest „Miss sIren Dinevi Resort” she presented herself excellently. Gergana Chakarova was decorated with ribbon from „Dinevi Group” and weekend for two in the five-star hotel „Palace – Marina Dinevi”. With her charm, energetic and provocative step and with her radiant smile, she deservedly received a great number of ovations. Gergana received one more – very precious prize, and namely – the ribbon for most charming girl of our online magazine “Fashion Lifestyle Magazine” that was bestowed to her from the editor-in-chief Prof. Lubomir Stoykov. This gives her the right at a special presentation in “FLM” that we make with pleasure with the present interview.

Gergana ChakarovaGergana ChakarovaGergana Chakarova

“Fashion Lifestyle Magazine”: Why did you decide to occupy withthe profession of the model?
Gergana Chakarova: As every girl I also dream to be a model. I think that I have the necessary data and this profession likes me.

What was your first manifestationas a mannequin and as a photo model? What do you remember from this moment?
- My first manifestation was when I was at four years old in a contest for the most charming child “mini miss”. I don’t have clear memories of it, but people had told me that after I had appeared at the stage I had categorically refused to perform something. But when people accompanied me from the stage, I came back and I sang a song. From then until this day I occupy with this and I like it...

What is your favorite model from the world famous supermodels and why?
- My favorite model from the world stage is Tyra Banx, because she is very beautiful, she has unique features, ideal sizes and unbelievable green eyes. I think that she is the perfect woman.

What is your definition for love?
- First of all the love is mutual support and permanent striving for emotional and spiritual refreshing, for more complete harmony in the relationships between the man and the woman. Dependant by all of the qualities of the man, the love is an expression of our special features and our dignities as people. The love is this magic that powers us with positive energy, makes us more beautiful and makes us smile more often. To love something means to want it to live!

Gergana Chakarova

Have you fallen in love from first sight?
- No, I have never fallen in love from first sight and I don’t believe that such kind of love exists.

Are you satisfied fromyour presentationin the contestMisssIrenand what wasthe most difficult moment for you?
- Yes, I’m satisfied. I think that I presented myself very well. I didn’t say that I had difficult moments during the contest and the rehearsals. As a whole it was an unforgettable experience.

Who are your favorite designers (Bulgarian and foreign) and why?
- From the Bulgarian designers I like Virginia Zdravkova, and from the world famous designers – Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli, because their clothes are unique.

Gergana ChakarovaGergana ChakarovaGergana Chakarova

Do you have favorite brand perfume? What is it?
- Yes, I have some favorite perfumes: “Versace” – “Crystal noir”, Giorgio Armani – “Mania” and Roberto Cavalli – “Serpentine”.

How do you take care of your figure? What do you sport? Do you have a special diet for beauty?
- I don’t follow any diets and limitations regarding the food. I go twice per week at fitness and I sleep at 10-12 hours per day. This is my diet for beauty.

What is your ideal for man? At what kind of criteriahas to answerthe man that you lovereally or that you will love?
- The ideal man for me has to be tall, with good figure, intelligent, romantic, with sense of humor and hard character. And I have to know that he will be always next to me and he will never betray me.

Gergana Chakarova

If you are at desolate islandand you can takeonly three things with you, what will be they?
- I would take with me a phone, a mirror and a book.

What is your favorite placein Pomorie and why?
- The sea quay, because I adore the sea. It influence and calms me.

What for you liketo spend your money?
- For cosmetics and for shoes.

What is the most expensive presentthat you have ever received?
- One pendant that is a memory from my father!

Gergana ChakarovaGergana Chakarova

What human disadvantagewould you forgiveand whatdisadvantage not?
- I would forgive the stupidity, but I wouldn’t forgive the betrayal and the lie.

What is for you the real happiness?
- In my opinion the prescription for the real happiness is to receive all that you want and to give from you all that you can.

What is the best complimentthat you have ever received?
- That I’m a proof for this that the beautiful women can be also smart.

How do you cope with the silly compliments and with the insolent men?
- I bypass them with a smile!

What do you like to doin your free time?
- I spend my free time with my family and with my friends.

Gergana Chakarova

What is your favorite dish? And what is your favorite drink?
- My favorite drink is Coca-cola light and dish – I love to eat in McDonald`s :)

Can you cookand what is your specialty?
- I can’t cook but I can make one chocolate cake.

What is the biggest aim in your life, related with the education andthe professional realizationfrom one side, and from the otherwith the love and with the family life? How many children do youwant to havewhen you get married?
- First of all I want to graduate and to fulfill as a professional model (why not abroad). I want to meet the love of my life, to create a family and to have two children.

Gergana ChakarovaDo you have a motto or a favorite thought? Share them with us!
- Yes, I have: ”Make what it should be done, let it happen whatever it wants...”

What is your wish to the readers of „Fashion Lifestyle Magazine”?
- Smile more often, because this makes you better and more beautiful. “In the smile is hiding the beauty!”

1.– 8. Gergana Chakarova
Photo: © Private photo archive of Gergana Chakarova
9. Gergana Chakarova marches by during the contest „Miss sIren Dinevi Resort”
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev
10. The editor-in-chief of „Fashion Lifestyle Magazine” Prof. Lubomir Stoykov together with Gergana Chakarova, the new bearer of the ribbon of the online magazine
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev
11. Gergana Chakarova was among the most bestowed participants in the contest for Miss sIren (the third from right to left).
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev
12. Gergana Chakarova is happy with the ribbon for the most charming girl of „Fashion Lifestyle Magazine”.
Photo: © Lubomir Stoykov

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