We don’t speak about the brawny bodyguards who act like shadows behind their famous employers. Neither have we spoken about the crowds of fans who pursue their favorite star all the time.

Fashion Lifestyle Magazine presents the favorite hairstyle from our childhood, which has got a star status. To be more useful, we uncover the secret how to achieve this incredible look.

The sexy ponytail

Step 1: Spritz hair with a volumizing spray, then dry hair straight.
Step 2: Take a section at the top part of the back of your head and tease hair at the root - this will give you needed volume for the dramatic look.
Step 3: Once hair is sufficiently teased, carefully brush hair back into a pony up high on the back of your head just above your ears.

Секси опашката е подходяща както за офиса, така и за купонЮжняшката опашка придава невинно излъчване

The Southern Ponytail

Step 1: Curl the ends of your hair to give it some volume.
Step 2: Part hair from ear-to-ear into a top and a bottom section.
Step 3: Secure top section with a ponytail holder, as the picture shows.
Step 4: Take the bottom part of the hair into a ponytail.

The Crimped Ponytail

Step 1: Spritz dry hair with a styling spray.
Step 2: Using a crimp-iron, iron hair from the crown to ends. You only need to iron the top of hair, do not crimp all of your hair.

Гофрираната опашка гарантира доброто настроениеРомантичните натури избират романтична опашка

The Romantic ponytail

Step 1: Curl hair.
Step 2: Gather hair in a ponytail and secure most of it at the nape of neck. Don’t tighten up. Decorate with a brooch.

The Rich ponytail

Step 1: Dry hair and slightly squeeze the ends.
Step 2: Gather hair in a ponytail at the nape of neck.
Step 3: Tame flyaways with a spritz hairspray on your hairline.
Step 4: Give volume to your ponytail with fingers.

Накарайте околните да се възхищават на пищната ви фризураСтраничната опашка показва, че сте запазили детето във вас

The side ponytail

Step 1: Create waves with a wide-barreled curling iron.
Step 2: Pull out the hair in the desired direction. Secure with elastic.
Step 3: Take a pencil-sized piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around elastic. Secure end of hair in the band and hold in place with a bobby pin.

1.The sexy ponytail is convenient for the office and for a party as well.
2.The southern ponytail gives an innocent look.
3.The crimped ponytail guarantees good mood.
4.Romantic women choose the romantic ponytail.
5.Make people admire your rich hairstyle.
6.The choice of the side ponytail shows that you have kept the child in yourself.


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