Fashion house RomantikaSofia Borisova is one of the most popular Bulgarian designers of formal and wedding garments. She found her fashion house "Romantika" in 1993. The brand has more than 13 years history on the Bulgarian market. At the beginning the company activities were mainly import of wedding and evening garments from Italy, Greece and France. Soon Sofia decided that she can design on her own and show it to her admirers.

After more than ten years successful presence in the fashion life of the country, in 2006 Sofia Borisova presented collection "Extravaganza" on her first independent fashion show. In 2007 followed a new stunning collection named “Allure”.

Striving to satisfy even the most capricious clients, Sofia works only with unique laces and sheer fabrics, which she imports from France, Spain, Greece, Italy and Korea.

The magnificent combination of colours, fabrics, the hand sewn laces, the bold and extravagant outfits of the brand name "Romantika" have a huge success not only in Bulgaria, but also on the European market. Garments with the brand name "Romantika" are sold in luxury boutiques in Magdeburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart (Germany), Hania (island Crete) and Solun (Greece), Toronto and Montreal (Canada).

Fashion house RomantikaFashion house RomantikaFashion house Romantika

In the beginning of its creation "Romantika" became exclusive representative of the world famous brand “La Belle Marie – Italy” with designer Eddy K. Then opened the first luxury boutique of Еddy K in Bulgaria.

How and when did you turn to wedding and formal fashion - what conquered you?
- I decided to deal with wedding fashion in the beginning of 1993. I was fascinated by the beauty and magnificence of the wedding gowns, I wanted to be a part of all that because I knew it can do that.

In the beginning of your career in the fashion business you are a representative of famous wedding fashion houses mainly from Italy and Greece. How did you get an inspiration to create own models with your brand name?
- I started importing wedding gowns from Italy and Greece, I visited exhibitions, fashion shows, wedding boutiques in Europe, I became aware what is demanded and liked. Gradually I gathered courage to create my own models, as I noticed things that always missed in the designs. Brieds are capricious, and I wanted each of my clients to be completely satisfied walking out of my boutiques.

Describe in brief your style. What is your different creative sign?
- My style is extravagant. I count on bold colours and remarkable accents. I combine splendind wastefullness and fine elegant chic.

Fashion house RomantikaFashion house RomantikaFashion house Romantika

You are a representative of the garments of the designer Еddy K. How did you get in touch with him?
- I have a strong spiritual connection with him, I feel him like a second father. He is my stimulus and inspiration. He always gives me good advices, not always connected with fashion.

What is the difference between his and your style and what is the resemblence?
- Eddy stakes on the classic and gorgeous models of the dresses, while I want to emphasize the individuality of the woman. My models show the sex appeal. I want each of my brides to feel the one and only, unique and wanted.

What are the specifics of the wedding and formal design in Bulgaria?
- Every woman has her own opinion for the wedding dress or formal garment, and unfortunately most of them don't want to hear the professionalists' advices. There are no specifics. Everything depends on the women's figure, the selected fabric, laces, jewelry etc.

Fashion house RomantikaFashion house RomantikaFashion house Romantika

How do you combine in one garment striking design and comfort?
- It is very difficult to combine these two in one, especially in the wedding dresses. When we speak about striking design, it is more difficult to achieve comfort. It is not impossible, but beauty demands sacrifice, doesn't it? That's why I think that is worth it!

Which women prefer your garments?
- Free and ambitious women.

You have clients among the most popular women in Bulgaria. Are they more demanding?
- Definitely yes. I like and respect women, which know what they want and how to achieve it.

Fashion house RomantikaFashion house Romantika

Which are the leading trends for the autumn-winter season according to fashion house "Romantika"?
- For this season will be hot the fumy tones, but we should not forget the classic trio: black, white and red.

Photos: Models by Sofia Borisova for "Romantika" from collection "Allure”.
Foto: © Archive “Romantika”

Collection “Allure” by Sofia Borisova for fashion house "Romantika", autumn-winter 2007-2008 (І part)
Collection “Allure” by Sofia Borisova for fashion house "Romantika", autumn-winter 2007-2008 (ІІ part)

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