Viva rock and roll!

* Autumn fashion – liberty, expressiveness, personal style

The new season offers a new attitude towards women’s fashion. Designers avoid banality through expressive elements – references to men’s world and rock and roll. They are attenuated by different effects, colour confrontation and style games.

The unique Italian style and couture tradition constitute the new collection of Max&Co., which becomes a legislator of the new fashion tendencies for autumn-winter 2009-2010 season. The impact of 70’s and 80’s defines again silhouette and colours. It is combined with the invasion of the 90’s as well as of the expressiveness of the 60’s.

<b>* Autumn fashion – liberty, expressiveness, personal style</b>

Ladies have the chance to be their own stylist according to their mood and inspiration. There are endless possibilities to chose a fabric – satin or silk, embroidered lace or cotton taffeta or denim, velvet and cotton.

The silhouette is tidy, designs underline femininity or they are wide, loose or oval. Coats from past years and costumes are renewed. There are floral or geometrical motives, colours are deep. The main colours are grey, pale purple, brown, grey brown, in combination with bright cyclamen, deep yellow and red. And of course here is its majesty – the black colour.

<b>* Autumn fashion – liberty, expressiveness, personal style</b>

The collection includes lots of flounces, drapes and crimps. Blouses and waistcoats are decorated with refined delicate details. The formal wear consists of t-shirt and a blouse in combination with a knee length or a longer skirt. Dresses in bright, sparkling colours are the best choice a woman can make.

<b>* Autumn fashion – liberty, expressiveness, personal style</b>

Coats are this part of the apparel that ladies must invenst in without any doubts. During the cold season, we all must be very flexible to be always in line with the constant changes of weather. Except a coat, made of luxurious wool, you must have a trench coat, jackets for the first cold days, hats, ponchos as well as mohair or wool raincoats.

Your funny mood is guaranteed by a tartan skirt, which can be worn with a striped pullover. You also need a wool beret and coloured shawl. Boots are highly varied and every woman needs an appropriate handbag. The newest designs are made of quilted leather or delightful wool. For those of you who need space there are special designs made of shining leather or “medical” handbags which are elastic and roomy.

<b>* Autumn fashion – liberty, expressiveness, personal style</b>

Снимки: Designs by Max&Co., autumn-winter 2009-2010 collection.
Фото: © Archive Max&Co.

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