HEALTHY TEETH FOR HEALTHY BODYIt is difficult to resist the charm that brings an aromatic cup of coffee or tea, the sweetness of cake of chocolate, the thrill from mouthful great red wine. These little pleasures for the senses however can drive to coloring of the teeth and at lack of adequate personal hygiene – to their permanent damage and even to loss. And if you are agree with the rule “healthy spirit in healthy body”, so in the contest of the care for the teeth we could say that is valid the thesis “healthy teeth for healthy body”.

Recently were announced the alarming results from a research, organized by the stomatological faculty in Sofia. The data show that 2% from the people over 20 years old in Bulgaria don’t brush their teeth and 6% brush them very rarely. 2% from the participants in the inquiry with missing front teeth don’t want to be restore them and about 53% have one or more missing teeth.

What these people don’t know?

The damaged teeth make look older and influence badly the whole state of health. They are often reason for gastric, hearth, rheumatic, kidney diseases and asthma. The irregular brushing of the teeth most often leads to gum bleeding. The bacteria penetrate into the organism, weaken the immune system, attack the blood-vessels, stick in their interior and this time and again increases the risk of heart attack.

HEALTHY TEETH FOR HEALTHY BODYThat’s why the prevention and the timely care for the teeth are very important and even very important for the life of the human organism. As a beginning it is important to be chosen the suitable tooth-brush and tooth-paste.

The contemporary tooth-pastes for example ensure excellent bleaching through the combination of three main components: polishing micro granules, foaming and bleaching substances. They influence on the visible surface of the teeth, as they eliminate the plate from the tooth enamel, polish the surface of the tooth, eliminate the coloring and prevent their repeated appearance. These effects are achieved thanks to a new, highquality formula that consists active components as hydrated silica and active micro phosphates that successfully clean, bleach and prevent the appearance of colorings. It is important to be noticed that at the achieving of the desired effect, aren’t caused traumas of the tooth enamel or of the gums.

HEALTHY TEETH FOR HEALTHY BODYHEALTHY TEETH FOR HEALTHY BODYToday at the market there is any number of tooth-pastes that take care of the different problems of the mouth cavity. For example Blend-a-med 3D White Luxe offers different variants, depending on the individual needs: some of its varieties prevent the formation of calculus that on its hand contributes to the darkening of the teeth and of the formation of spots, others are destined for the people who smoke and love to enjoy the taste of coffee or tea, and still others are created at special formula that presents shining smile without intensifying the sensibility of the teeth.
The other important component of the right care for the teeth is the tooth-brush. It doesn’t have to be nor too soft, not too hard. Its maximum size has to be not more than 2.5 cm in diameter to be reached the difficult to access places. for example advices to be used the tooth-brushes with artificial fibers. The natural have the quality to absorb the humidity and like this they create more favorable ambient for development of pathogenic bacteria. The natural fiber is more fragile, after that it becomes sharper and it can hurt mostly the gums. Besides, the tooth-brush has to be made by many separate tufts with rounder borders.Just this kind of tooth-brushes possesses the most optimal cleaning surface, i.e. the pressure on the teeth and on the gums distributes steadily in the cleaning process. In the last years are very actual the electric tooth-brushes. According to Dental portal they even help at the treatment of parodontitis.

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