Although they possess millions of dollars and personal stylists, the popular stars also aren’t insured against fashion mistakes. To them however this is a question of life and death. When they start to shine on the horizon of the popularity, the celebrities have to consider where and how they appear in the public space, because only one mistake in the styling can found to be catastrophic for their career and for their image. For the choosing of the appropriate toilet that underlines the advantages of the figure, it is necessary a high professionalism. But often even the biggest stars make mistakes at their choice of clothes.

Джесика СимпсънJessica Simpson
This is maybe the worst styling of the singer. The white polo optically shortens the neck of Jessica Simpson and at the same time it enlarges still more her wide shoulders. The high waist and the loose trouser legs of the trousers hide her shapely legs of the singer and shorten her silhouette.

Сиена Милър

Siena Miller
Maybe somebody has stolen the trousers of Siena? She looks like she has taken her clothes from some totter. Her shoes are so export and old and they don’t suit at her status of a star at all.

Ева МендесEva Mendes
The dress of the actress is like two sizes bigger. The black belt isn’t suitable at the leopard design, and the proportions of the dress optically shorten the silhouette of Eva Mendes.

Дженифър ЛопезJennifer Lopez
The truth is that the celebrities impose the fashion tendencies, but what kind of fashion shows us the world famous singer Jennifer Lopez? Whatever aesthetics is missing and in the exaggerated “originality” it doesn’t exists any hit in the fitting of elements in the whole image of the singer. White leather sandals, eco jacket to the knee and fairy red dress to the middle of the calf – this time definitely the fashion icon didn’t listen to her stylist.

Деми МурDemi Moore
A belt in the waist could underline the well shaped body of Demi Moore, but in this occasion her dress is so wide that it adds optically some kilograms on the image of the actress.

Дженифър Лав Хюит

Jennifer Love Hewitt
The shapeless tunic doesn’t underline in no way the beautiful line of the body of the actress. It hides her fine waist and shortens her silhouette.

Миша БартънMisha Barton
To achieve a perfect image the actress has to strive through her clothes to make her shoulders to look wide as her hip is. At this photo the actress has achieved just the contrary effect and the whole attention is on her bottom part of her body. The double underlined seam of her blouse covers her shoulders, and the double row buttons enlarges her waist. The length and the design of the skirt optically enlarge the hip of Misha Barton.

These are only a few examples that the stars aren’t insured against failure in their styling. But surely it exist some more hundred proofs for this thesis.
1. Jessica Simpson
2. Siena Miller
3. Eva Mendes
4. Jennifer Lopez
5. Jennifer Love Hewitt
6. Misha Barton
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