Kristina, who avoids the image of a typical beauty

* “Fashion is a real fairy tale, which happens in our life”
* * “Love is a sweet disease of the brain”

The interview took Lubomir Stoykov

Kristina Nestorova is one of the most interesting faces of Bulgarian fashion scene and a leading model of “Visages model group”. She was born on 23 June 1985 in Pazardjik. In 2001 was here debut in a fashion show of the designer Evgenia Jivkova. She has participated in many fashion shows of famous designer, among which even Valentino. In our country there is almost no big fashion event without her participation to be remembered. She is an advertising face of fashion house “Etere”. Now Kristina works mainly abroad, at the moment she is engaged with one of the biggest agencies in MilanoWhy Not”.

1. – 17. Kristina Nestorova: in front of the camera
Photo: © “Visages Model Group”
18. – 22. Kristina Nestorova in the fashion show “The nightmare of a man” of fashion house "Irida"
Photo: © Vassil Karkelanov
23. – 26. Kristina Nestorova in a catalogue for "Irida", collection “The nightmare of a man”
Photo: © Vassil Karkelanov

Interview with Kristina Nestorova

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