Летисия КастаЛетисия КастаTender girlish expression, calm beauty or vamp-woman – these looks are a little part of the impersonations of Laetitia Casta. She shines – no matter if she is on stage or in a movie. In 2000 Association des Maires de France has decide that Laetitia should be the new model for the bust of the national heroine Marianne. For three years the allegorical symbol of the French Republic which stands outside and inside every French town hall uses the face of charming Laetitia.

Laetitia Casta is born in Normandy. She starts her dizzy career as model at the age of 15. She was discovered accidentally by a photographer during a vacation with her parents. The young French girl quickly enters the world of fashion. Her natural beauty, refined style end exotic French look impressed the founder of Madison models agency as well as the director of the French magazine Elle. Modeling contracts ensued and in 1993 Laetitia signed on with Guess jeans for a very successful advertising campaign which makes her way to the big fashion scene.

Летисия КастаЛетисия Каста

In 1996 she becomes one of Victoria’s Secrets’ angels. For three consecutive years she was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Летисия КастаЛетисия Каста

The famous designers often prefer Laetitia Casta for their advertising campaigns. She owes a big part from her incomes to contracts with “Chanel”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Miu Miu” etc. She once had a close relationship with designer Yves Saint Laurent, whose outfits she would regularly wear at public appearances.

Летисия КастаЛетисия Каста като рекламно лице на “Л’ореал”

Like many of her colleagues from fashion stage, the blue-eyed beauty is also attracted by cinema. Laetitia made her feature film debut in Astérix et Obélix contre César (1999), the most expensive French film ever made and a smash hit in Europe. Laetitia doesn’t stop here, but she continues to take part in other French productions.

Летисия Каста като рекламно лице на “Л’ореал”Летисия Каста като рекламно лице на “Л’ореал”

In 2000 Laetitia becomes a national symbol after she has been choosen to represent Marianne – the national heroine of France. For three consecutive years all the sculptures of the national symbol use the face of Laetitia. She says: “It’s a great responsibility for me to represent the symbol of France, of liberty, of the idea what a woman should be”. After she had relocated in London, Casta is dispensed with this privilege

Летисия Каста в рекламната кампания на “Миу Миу”Летисия Каста в рекламната кампания на “Миу Миу”

Летисия Каста в рекламната кампания на “Миу Миу”Casta, whose curvaceousness has been a subject of discussion in the world of fashion, has stated in an interview with ELLE magazine: "I tell people that my breasts are 'Made in Normandy,' from butter and crème fraîche!". Both she and Tyra Banks are among the names that have made way to curvaceous models.

Летисия каста е рекламно лице на “Сваровски”Летисия каста Рµ рекламно лице РЅР° “Сваровски”

Летисия Каста в “Спорт Илюстрейтид”Летисия каста РІ “Спорт Илюстрейтид”

Летисия Каста в “Спорт Илюстрейтид”Летисия Каста с образа на Мариан

Бюстът на френската национална героиня Мариан с образа на Летисия Каста.Did you know that:
Laetitia Casta has a brown belt in judo.
Enjoys driving go-carts.
Has a daughter named Sahteene and a son named Orlando.

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Photo: www.laetitiacasta.com

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