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* Imelda Marcos had thousands pairs of shoes and with her scandals attracted the interest of the world media

Имелда МаркосИмелда и Фердинанд Маркос – сватбен споменWhen in 1986, the president of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos was removed from power and his residents could relax at last from his despotic control, scandals followed in quick succession. One of the most shocking disclosures that evidence for the ex first lady of Manila - Imelda Marcos greed and hyper consumption, was the exposure of 3000 pairs of shoes that were her possession. Imelda was famous for having one of the biggest personal wardrobes in the world. Nigel Cawthorne states in his book “The World’s greatest political scandals” that the quarter of the attire was nearly 500 squared meters and it covered the basement of Malakanang – the magnificent castle of Marcos family. Except for the thousands of shoes, Imelda kept in her immense wardrobe 1200 dresses hot couture, 35 coats of exceptional furs, 1500 bags, 500 bras and many more accessories. Another remarkable fact is that for only one shopping tour of the Filipino first lady in the Old Continent over 3 million pounds were spent. All these and many other examples for splendor and admiration before luxury turned the name of Imelda Marcos into a byword for wastefulness, extravagance and utter stage of utilization.

Grown in poverty and forced to being down at the heel /which was among the famous explanations of her later addiction to shoes/, Imelda Marcos compensates the early ears of destitute with unprecedented improvidence. Her private plane is furnished with golden taps, the minimal rate of the flowers that decorate her hotel apartments around the world on duty, is $1000 and her caprices are never-ending. She goes so far as to deport “The Beatles” who were on a visit for a concert only because they refused to play at her residence – “in ear”.

Имелда Маркос дари на Музея на обувката в Манила (Филипините) своите стари обувкиИмелда Маркос с някои от любимите си обувки

Imelda’s version about the huge quantity of shoes she possessed is different, though. She states that she had never had 3000 pairs but only 1600 and that buying these chic complements to her dressing, she had assisted to the development of the shoe industry in her motherland. In 2002 the widow of the Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos sees her 73 birthday wearing silver shoes and impressive red dress. On the splendid party she delivers a fiery speech about her upsurge and disgrace, saying pathetically: “The Lord blessed me with everything that this world can offer – the best and the worst.” (Associated press).

Имелда Маркос с някои от любимите си обувкиИмелда Маркос с някои от любимите си обувки

Even though more than 20 years from her deposition as a first lady of the Philippines past, her interest towards shoes doesn’t languish. In 2005 Imelda Marcos created a shoe museum in Manila and did a great donation of her own boots. Among the most expensive exhibits are the products of Ferragamo, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, etc. This time Imelda’s motives were two – on one hand, just like before – to stimulate the shoe industry in the Philippines, but on the other – to quicken the interest of the foreigners and to encourage the tourism.

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