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Prof. Lubomir Stoykov

Prof. Lubomir Stoykov
Prof. Lubomir Stoykov – chief-editor of “Fashion Lifestyle Magazine”

* First online voting for the most elegant Bulgarians
* * Deadline: November 28, 2009

Our online magazine „Fashion Lifestyle Magazine” announced its nominations for the best dressed Bulgarians in 2009. Ten beautiful and impressive men and women will take part in the competition. Lifestyle and fashion journalists, editors, publishers and producers from the most popular print and electronic media proposed their names. Who are the women who will compete for the votes of the readers of Fashion Lifestyle Magazine? These are Albena Alexandrova, Alissiya, Gala, Gergana Passi, Diana Liubenova, Elena Petrova, Radost Draganova, Stefka Kostadinova, Tcvetelina Borislavova and Juliana Doncheva.

Fashion and lifestyle journalists choose the names of Blagoy Georgiev, Valeri Bojinov, Vladimir Karamazov, Georgi Hristov, Dimitar Berbatov, Miro, Niki Kunchev, Orlin Pavlov, Plamen Konstantinov and Rushi Vidinliev. There are many countdowns in Bulgaria – there is diversity, a nice chaos and very often – unfortunately – a total lack of criteria. The BG fashion icon 2009 competition will probably give a more adequate answer to the question “Who are the audience’s favourite stars, what do real elite and pseudo stars have in common and where is the difference between them, what is the role of the appearance and style for having good image and a good reputation.

Hundreds of fans of the perfect appearance registered and voted online in the first hours and days since the start of the countdown. The final of BG fashion icon 2009 competition will take place on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays. During a refined party, the results will be announced and the prizes will be bestowed. The commission of experts that includes fashion and lifestyle journalists will chose its favourites, who, along with the winners from the online voting, will gain the title BG fashion icon 2009.

There are many fashion awards for readers who vote. They are provided by Lavazza, Kwiat, Triumph, Monni Desizo Monni, Nedelia confectionery, Aims-G Celebrity among others.

The „Fashion Lifestyle Magazine” team really believes that this countdown will give the chance to honour the most elegant and personable Bulgarians. The criteria for their nomination are refined taste, modern style, flawless culture and professional success. We believe that the BG fashion icon 2009 competition will contribute to achieve a worthy appraisal of original manifestation of beauty and style and will sober the manifestation of lack of taste and vulgar appearance. The deadline for voting on is November 28.

Besides the BG fashion icon 2009 countdown, you can read interesting and attractive articles, dedicated to lifestyle, fashion design, love, sex and family in the new issue of our online magazine. You will understand what stands behind the prophetical words of Nino Cerruti: You should possess something extraordinary to make your way and succeed. Is it by coincidence or not, but the Cerruti theme is a part of our fresh news – namely the gorgeous party, dedicated to the opening of the Cerruti Exclusive Boutique in Sofia. Maybe it is not bad to give a new meaning to Beyonce’s words in Interview rubric. “The most important for a cloth is to fit the body. I have worn dresses from all different price ranges, and the thing that couture dresses have in common is that the fit is amazing”. How and why does MAX&Cо. take advantage on the cultural legacy of POP MaxMara, why does Aliya Milousheva decide to combine airy designs and extravagant appearance as well as designs in a more severe business style and what are the contributions of the British photographer Miles Aldridge to the world style and to the tradition of the Lavazza calendar? You can read about all this and about other curious facts and events in the new issue of our online magazine. The rich menu of the new issue of „Fashion Lifestyle Magazine” offers plenty of information about fashion and business news, fresh and cautionary stories, information about the new generations in fashion as well as curious and important facts from the sphere of media and culture, leisure time, image success and scandals. Have a nice reading, dear readers!

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