The active sexual life is an important condition for healthy relationship. There exist many physiologic and emotional reasons like stress, fatigue, illness, tension that can lead to sexual problems. At many people these risky factors don’t continue for long time but they are a passing state. In number of occasions however the partners in some couple don’t succeed to handle with the crisis in the relations. Like this the sexual problems find to be one of the most complexes for overcoming. Here exercise influence such factors like discomfort or fear that he could offend his partner.
According to number of studies the Bulgarian is a person that doesn’t share and the sexual problems are topic taboo for discussing. In Europe and in USA people of long time ago visit psychologists, sexual therapists and marriage consultants. In Bulgaria it is like shamefully to confess the presence of a problem, and what rests to share a visitation to suck kind of specialist. To be useful for you we from Fashion Lifestyle Magazine decided to investigate this question.

Сексуалната терапия - лек за интимностСексуалната терапия - лек за интимност

The problems in the sexual life of one couple don’t have to be ignored. At the first meeting with the sexual therapist it is very important to clean what you expected to achieve or to change in your relationship. You have to contour the problems that according to you has lead to the disturbance of the harmony in the sexual relations. The main task of the specialist is to help for the amelioration of the communication between the two partners. Namely the speaking and the sharing are in the basis of the resolving of the problems.

It is found to be that the reasons that lead to the decreasing and even to the stopping of the sexual contacts with the partner could be a few types:

  • A lack of wish
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain during the sex contact

That’s why the two main areas of the sex therapy concern the intimacy and the sexual dysfunction (all this that disturbs the sexual pleasure).

Сексуалната терапия - лек за интимностСексуалната терапия - лек за интимност

The intimacy is a condition of closeness that success depends of the constructive communication. It, from its side, is the road that leads to satisfactory sexual relations. The constructive communication concerns the respect, the emotional support, the satisfaction, the physical well-being. That is why that during your visitation to the therapist it is important to learn the skill to listen attentively in the words of your partner, as to learn the nonverbal communication – i.e. to “hear” the body of your partner and the signals of the images.

The sexual dysfunction includes problems like lack of simultaneous intensity of the wish, difficulty to the achieving of orgasm, erectile dysfunction etc. All these problems can be overcome with the help of a specialist, if the reason for their genesis is health. In this case the best decision is the consulting with a doctor.

There exist clearly psycho problems that can be overcome with a sexual therapist.

Sexual addiction - a term that is used to mark every sexual activity that comes out of control. In this case the addiction to the sex is similar to this to the alcohol, the cigarettes or the drugs. During sex our body emits a cocktail of chemical substances that makes us to feel good and namely to them man can addict.

Difficulty to the achieving of orgasm – according to the studies one of every four women has such kind of problem. The physiological problems that lead to this problem are little – neurogycal, vascular, hormonal. This can be a side effect from some medicament, and in many rare occasions the pelvic surgery can also be the reason. The main psychological reason for the impossibility for achievement of orgasm is the so-called phenomenon “observer”. Many women are impatient to achieve the top point of the pleasure and transforms just in witnesses of the happening.

Different stage of wish – the studies categorically shows that men think for sex more often then the women. For that reason is guilty the testosterone, as its quantity to the men is 20-40 times higher than to the women. And if to the men the stage of this hormone keeps relatively constant during their whole life, to the women its stage varies. The sexual libido of the woman depends on the estrogen – because its stage also varies, the sexual wish to the tender sex changes dramatically.

Сексуалната терапия - лек за интимностСексуалната терапия - лек за интимност

The sexual problems can be different. That’s why you don’t have to remit the consultation with a specialist – the satisfaction from the good sexual life is worth.


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