Prof. Lubomir Stoykov
Prof. Lubomir Stoykov
– Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Lifestyle Magazine

Chalga! What terrible, lasting and almost irreparable damage it has dealt! Especially for adolescents who are 100% a media generation and for many of them, such gluttony with "folk" means "very cool" and "great work". Three are the most terrible defeats of chalga - the formation of primitivism, vulgarity and extreme consumerism. The elemental attitude to life greatly reduces the chance of value growth. Vulgar texts and allusions allay real feelings, grossly affecting the beauty of love and sex. And consumerism comes from everywhere - the most important are money, cars, luxury, all of which are turned into an end in themselves.

Often, guardians of good taste, angered by the delusions of chalga, use terms such as "battle," "war,”, “attack," and "defence" in their quest to limit and eliminate it. This military terminology is not so relevant in this case. It is more appropriate to understand the essence of the anti-aesthetic in this phenomenon. Chalga has become a generalizable concept of kitsch, vulgarity and commonality. Of course, this does not apply to all pop folk performers (some of them are even a role model in terms of professionalism and style), but unfortunately the dominant representatives confirm this sad conclusion. The danger is that the chalga is easily digestible, has the ability to brainwash and act on the strings of elemental, surface pleasures...

Chalga is a state, a mentality, an attitude in which, like in a snake orb, wickedness and primitivism and recklessness, cynicism and commercial deception are entwined. It is very unfortunate that, against the background of the ongoing modernization and Europeanization - however ephemeral it may be - the majority of Bulgarians “are pulled in” by the rambunctious, pseudo-oriental bad singing (far and away even from classic music)...

But the problem is not just chalga, understood narrowly as a music genre (it has proven itself, has the right to life, to performers and to connoisseurs). The problem lies in the taste, which, as a result of the invasion of the chalga, has become unrecognizable. It is justified to talk about chalga culture, chalga politics and chalga behaviour - these are the other names of kitsch and profanity these days. Contractors are paid too much and unreasonably much media attention to chalga, and newer and newer pseudo-stars hatch every day - a process that destroys values and wastes energy...

It is truly a nightmare that chalga continues to intrude on excessive sex appeal, mixing the Oriental, Balkan and European in an unbearable way. While they can be mixed much better and more valuable way.

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