Prof. D. S. Lubomir Stoykov

Prof. D. S. Lubomir Stoykov
Prof. D. S. Lubomir Stoykov
– Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Lifestyle Magazine”

Finding your style in fashion and fashion in your own style is a challenge for everyone, even for the most informed and educated person. Unconsciously or purposefully discovering the clothes and accessories in which he feels most comfortable, one gets closer to finding his own style. But that is not enough. To create and recognize your style means to construct such an original appearance that will orient others to the most important characteristics of your personality - mentality, culture, social, personal and professional status, age, gender, attitude, etc. This is the general concept, but not always. These traditional criteria of fashion and style are increasingly falling apart and moving away from the truth. The most important thing is for a person to express himself as clearly as possible through clothing and accessories - his spirit, his taste, his psyche, his soul and - of course - his quirks and peculiarities. I often repeat that it is not so important to follow fashion, it is more important for fashion to follow us. However, this is only possible if we have an adequate, impactful and memorable style.

The most appropriate dressing style is actually the "wrong" one. I.e. not to follow mechanically and blindly someone's rules and mentoring instructions such as "this - yes" and "this - no". The common weakness of all tips and recommendations for good looks is that they cannot take into account the individuality and identity of the individual. Rather, we need to talk about appropriate fashion, visual and lifestyle culture. Let's not forget that, in principle, culture is a cocktail of values, traditions and symbols that, like a real compass, orient us in the ocean of possibilities in our existence, including choosing and building style. So, the most important thing is fashion awareness and understanding of the importance of clothing and the importance and peculiarities of our personality. Adding to all this the consideration of the season, the event (occasion) and the goals of communication, it is not so difficult for everyone to find themselves through appearance and appearance through themselves.

...Many times, I have answered the question "Which of the world's designers that I have met has impressed me the most?" And most often I say the names of Alexander McQueen, Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne, Hubert de Givenchy, Lloyd Klein ... However, in this text-touch on the essence of the fashion phenomenon, I would like to share my impression of the Irish designer John Rocha, who was born in Hong Kong with a Portuguese father and a Chinese mother. I have interviewed him three times - once in Cape Town and twice in London. He is one of the most down to earth, approachable, warm and sociable designers I have ever met. Among his famous clients I would mention Julia Roberts, Sinéad O'Connor, Bono from “U2” and the members of the pop group “Take That”. To me, he is the most smiling designer in the world. I can't forget his concept of fashion, which he shared with me many years ago: "Fashion is represented by people, artists, creative positive natures, whose goal is to reach people, because it must contain an international, global message. Fashion has a vocation to connect people, no matter what they are or where they come from. They can be from Eastern Europe, America or Asia. Fashion is not elementary dress and fuss. It is more important that it be seen as a means of expression. "

...It follows from all of the above that the most appropriate clothing is what allows us to best express ourselves - our culture, taste, character, temperament, attitude, and why not – our vocation, and mission. And that means listening to ourselves and throwing away the hollow and banal advice and instructions on "proper" clothing.

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