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Writing an annual review of fashion events and phenomena for a whole year is like saying that you can embrace the incomprehensible. Aware of the conventionality of such rankings, it should be noted that some recapitulations of the style in 2021 highlight remarkable transformations and features in the appearance of a number of celebrities. According to Vogue, Amanda Gorman, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and others are among the best dressed for the past year. With a spectacular “Prada” ribbon on her head, young poet Amanda Gorman moved President Joe Biden with her work "The Hill We Climb" during his inauguration, which made a women's hair accessory instantly become in a fashion hit. Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga's enigmatic jacket during the MET gala for fundraising for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum also did not go unnoticed by the keen eye of the bible of world fashion. Lady Gaga caught the eye in the ultimate outfits of Gucci, Valentino and Schiaparelli, and the American singer, actress and dancer Zendaya became a favorite of the lifestyle press with the outfits of "Veran Wang" "Valentino", "Rick Owen" and Roberto Cavalli. Celebrities make fashion, but the opposite is true - a maxim that has received another confirmation in the last year.

The greatest progress and good economic results (and this resonates with the reputation and value of brands) were received by those global fashion brands that not only responded to the appeals of the time for innovation and modernity, but also cleverly and flexibly adapted to crisis pandemics. conditions and made the most effective use of the latest high technologies and artificial intelligence in their activities. According to the authoritative ranking of "Brand Finance" in the top 10 are the following companies: "Nike", "Gucci", "Louis Vuitton", "Adidas", "Chanel", "Zara", "Uniclo", "H&M" , Cartier and Hermes.

2021 was a year of important, historically significant anniversaries. The 100th birthday of the most popular perfume in the world "Chanel № 5" was duly celebrated, which - we will recall, is the first commercial fragrance - the work of a woman who has preserved and multiplied its popularity. Another centenary of Gucci's fashion empire was also celebrated on a large scale: with a glamorous online fashion show and collection that was the result of the combined talents of Alessandro Michele (Gucci's chief designer) and Demna Gvasalia (chief designer of Balenciaga). The premiere of the film "Gucci's House" (directed by Ridley Scott) also made a special contribution to the luxury anniversary. The tape aroused the spirits and sparked many discussions. The most spared criticism was Lady Gaga (in the role of Patricia Reggiano, the wife of Maurizio Gucci, convicted of his murder), who was soon nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress, and a number of film experts she also won an Oscar in the same category.

The native movie star Maria Bakalova reaped amazing success not only as an actress with many prestigious awards and nominations, including and for an Oscar in “the Best Supporting Actress” category for her role in Borat 2 (directed by Jason Walliner), but also on the world fashion scene. During the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony at the Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, she caught the eye with a stylish white Louis Vuitton Princess white dress. meters of tulle, with a gorgeous in restraint and restrained in its splendor diamond necklace "Moussaieff Jewelers", as well as with the drawing of the impressive makeup of Williams and Dennihan, inspired by the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly.

Maria Bakalova made an unprecedented breakthrough for our compatriot in the world of haute couture. Her collaboration with such influential fashion brands as "Louis Vuitton", "Armani", "Prada", "Christian Dior" and "Oscar de la Renta" was respectful. With the elegant clothes of these famous brands, the Bulgarian actress participated in photo shoots, appeared on the red carpet, he posed for photojournalists and television cameramen. The broadcast of the Borat 2 star shows signs of Lolita's charisma plus innocence, naturalness and youthful purity. All this is unprecedented in the current world practice of the Bulgarian top models and is unparalleled for the previous international triumphs of the native film actresses.

The fashion year 2021 was not without sadness and sorrow for the great names in fashion design who have passed away. After his illness, at the age of 41, one of the modern phenomena in fashion - Virgil Ablo, artistic director of the men's line of "Louis Vuitton" and creator of the label "Off-White". The original interpretation of pop culture, music, urban culture and sports have privileged Ablo as one of the most impressive fashion designers, whose art is sure to leave a deep mark on the world's visual culture. Tiffany & Co. "moved to the afterlife at the age of 80. Her life passes not only under the sign of her unique design work, but also with a memorable bright presence over the years in the company of Andy Warhol, as a favorite model of Roy Holston and the famous photographer Helmut Newton.

Although the situation with air, soil and water pollution is catastrophic and climate change is almost irreversible, undoubted progress has been made in 2021 with regard to sustainable fashion and the circular economy. Famous designers and large companies have demonstrated determination in upholding the so-called "Ethical" fashion and eco-friendly clothing. In this regard, examples can be given of such megabrands as Adidas and Zara, which have committed themselves to very specific deadlines and results. In addition to achieving a significant reduction in water consumption in its production and using 20% ​​of its energy from renewable sources, Adidas has set itself the goal of using 100% recycled materials by 2024. For its part, Zara has consistently reduced its environmental impact and increasingly recycled bags, hangers, boxes and other items. This "fast fashion" giant is committed to producing at least 50% sustainable products from its entire factory by 2022.

In connection with finding an adequate response to the growing covid pandemic, the application of new digital technologies in the fashion sector - in design, industry and the clothing and accessories business - has sharply accelerated. World Fashion Weeks were held in whole or in part in digital format. However, not only the presentation of clothing and other fashion goods has changed, but also the trade in them, which has increasingly been transformed from physical buying and selling to online shopping. The role of digital marketing in postcovid communication has greatly increased through the use of new virtual tools and the introduction of digital personal assistants through video calls, streaming, AR (augmented reality - augmented reality), AR Clothing Try-On and others. The digital versions of the fashion collections allow the testing of clothes to take place in real time through applications such as DressX. New dimensions began to receive and the so-called. A "virtual showroom" that provides great opportunities for shoppers to view clothing and accessories in detail from a distance, no matter where on the planet they are.

But which Bulgarian designers and professionals engaged in fashion and fashion business deserved big applause in 2021? The best achievements in the native style were of representatives of the new generation of artists, awarded the Annual Golden Needle Award of the Academy of Fashion. The most prestigious "Designer of the Year" award was presented to Radoslava Lazarova. The award "Fashion House 2021" - "Allegra" with designer Radostina Ilieva, and the remaining prizes were awarded to Kostadin Krastev - Coco for "Fashion Photography", Eliza Popova for "Fashion Makeup" and "Best Young Designer" - of Anton Uzunov. It should be emphasized that this is the second "Golden Needle" by Radoslava Lazarova (the first was awarded some time ago for best young designer), Eliza Popova was also awarded for the second time as make-up artist of the year, and Kostadin Krastev - Coco - for the third time with the Golden Needle for best fashion photography. This year the face of the "Golden Needle" was the Bulgarian top model Veronika Stefanova - "Miss Bulgaria World 2017", who joined the corporate social responsibility of the Fashion Academy and her decision to buy very important design accessories for a student of fashion design, to support him financially and to provide him with a visit to the Milan Fashion Week (Kostadin Krastev - Coco also participates in the initiative).

Other Golden Needle winners over the years also end the year with a happy and positive balance. Among them is Sofia Borisova, who became the winner in the "Fashion" category of the show "Bulgaria's Favorites" on BNT, as well as recognition for her exceptional professionalism in making wedding dresses. The activity of the emblematic designer Albena Alexandrova, whose fashion house "Roshavata Garaga" celebrated its 30th anniversary, was huge and impressive. Such famous Bulgarian designers and successful brands did not bow their heads before the pandemic as Evgenia Zhivkova, Svetoslav Kolchagov, Nevena, Ina Assa, Teodora Spasova, Axel Hardy, Hristo Chuchev, Stoyan Radichev, Aggressia, Desiso Moni, Minoar, Beyond, Banderol and many others.

Among the new fashion stores opened in our country, we must mention the first boutique of the famous brand "Minoar", popular for the uniqueness and quality of its original textiles, as well as its valuable and atypical postmodern design. The brand "La Cara Mi Exclusive by Mila Zaharieva" made its successful debut on the fashion scene (this happened during the fashion show "Golden Needle 2021").

One of the best Bulgarian designers, recognized abroad, Ivan Donev, who is also the winner of the "Golden Needle" ended 2021 with another great professional success. This time he was honored for his contribution to haute couture with the prestigious GOLDEN LADY 2021 VFW award presented to him during Dubai Fashion Week.

This, albeit incomplete, overview of the fashion year 2021 would be even more concise if we do not recall the 80th anniversary of the most iconic name in Bulgarian hairdressing - that of stylist Kapanov, as well as not to pay tribute to his aegis XXIV International Festival of Hairstyle and Beauty in Sofia. It is important to note that in 2021 one of the great Bulgarian leaders in professional cosmetics Selena ES has developed its corporate identity with a new logo and symbol - the parrot Royal Jaco, which embodies such corporate values ​​as loyalty, beauty, intelligence and fun . The company has launched this renovation in a new business building in the city of Plovdiv, which will host important events in 2022.

Another national competition of the Academy of Fashion - the competition for the most stylish and successful Bulgarians "BG fashion icon 2021", showed how important is the connection between adequate dress code and professional rise. This prize was deservedly awarded to Esil Duran in the Music category, Ivo Arakov in the Art category, Natali Trifonova in the Television category, Niki Doinov in the Media and Journalism category, Sanya Borisova in the Art category and second. road Tanya Skrinska in the category "Business". At a time when the face of today's media culture is being eaten up by fake celebrities and virtual thugs, awards of this kind are especially needed. The new winners of "BG Fashion Icon", which the Academy of Fashion values ​​so highly for their style and professional success, serve as an example to the new generation and the whole society. That is why the admiration for them is fully deserved.

The 365 days of the past year have clearly shown that the Bulgarian fashion design and the Bulgarian fashion industry will not fall to their knees before the covid pandemic. As an important part of culture and art, fashion has overcome limitations and deprivations, because style and beauty are never passed on. Therefore, the necessary respect should be given to the Bulgarian fashion artists and entrepreneurs who, despite the cruel situation, survived and thus contributed to the survival of our material and spiritual life. It has already become clear to everyone that there will be fashion for pandemics, crises, stagnation and what not, because the pursuit of the new and different is a sacred right of every person.

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