Katia Mihailova

She is pregnant. He is waiting for a child.

Тя е бременна

The hall, like her dresses, becomes narrow for the two of them.
The bedroom, like his workdays, is getting boring.
Only the kitchen inconsolably crashes. The mother-in-law is cooking. The wife’s mother embroiders swaddling clothes.

The wall-papers start unstuck of the wall, as She and He one from another.
The cock for the hot water doesn’t close and it flows at drops.
The trap emaciates their feelings. It is getting plugged up, and can’t swallow them irrevocably!
Ninety-nine repairs have to be made only for nine months.

Той чака детеShe hides her tears deep in his embrace. The bedroom suite has to be changed. The spring-bed is uncomfortable. The bed is narrow and it creaks. The candles fume terrible. She sleeps in the hall, because she hates their smell. He doesn’t get home, because he hates their loneliness.

They meet each other in front of the furniture shop. They buy new bedroom suite on credit. The bed continues to creaks, the spring-bed is getting more uncomfortable, the air stifles. They wake up encumbered of wait.

They, both, together are expecting a child!

They, both, together are expecting a child!

They are lucky, because the most beautiful moment is coming.
They are sinful, because buried at the workday, they won’t enjoy it.
It will be grow in them and it will be born in their home. And one repair is coming.
They both have to learn to love their child together.

The parent love will make round the sharpness of the angles and will raise the garret of their feeling. The hall won’t become narrow, however that they, both, together will become bigger and bigger. She, because she is pregnant, and he, because he eats a lot. The bedroom-suite wouldn’t be so dusty, because she will expect him there, and he will come back home to her (proud, that he has learned to change the swaddling clothes of his daughter). The sunrise will gather them. She is pregnant again; he is in love in his wife, in life and in their already grown child.

Родителската любов

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Used literature

“Kniga za tatkovci”, Alexander Hadjigeorgiev, Albena Ralenkova, PH “Tara”, 2006
“I am pregnant”, Marie Claude De Laye, PH “Sluntse”, 1998

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Ivana Petrova

To the most of women the process of maturing and growing up is accompanied with the a reproach of mothers, grand mothers, friends, after that of movies, cinema and magazines, that the men want sex always, constantly, again and again. When one woman finds her self in position of rejected from her husband she feels not only hurt, but also extremely blank and confused. And the sex has to be something natural, sensual that brings pleasure. How we arrived to this conclusion?

Today we live in a world that is subordinated to the sex. Every existing form of public media like screams, that men want sex, a lot of sex. „Sex sells” still is a moving credo of the marketing campaign from thermo socks to estate property. The majority of us start to believe at this statement and so is formed an enormous pressure over the man in his private life. Like the society and the circle of his friends forces him to make promiscuous sex always when he has possibility to do it, to have an enormous quantity of achievements, and if he is married – to “respect” his wife again and again.

Like a problem the specialists in sex culture define a number of sexual contacts less than 10 times per year. The loss of pleasure in sex leads to depression, rage, suspicion, sense of private offence, and sometimes to infidelity and parting. The passion is that what distinguishes your relations from those of the ordinary friends. Extremely rarely the problem is only in one of the partners, usually those who felt away have its reasons, but according to the statistics the part of the men and women, that decide to stop the bed amusements, is equal. The sense of rejection and inferiority make the partner to consider and to think about the whole relationship and seriously to think, if there is a future with a person, who doesn’t want to be intimate with him, to share a feeling that is so natural and could unite them. So the wicked circle is obtained, where the lack of sex leads to a bigger absence, because of the need of the partners to direct the energy of their libido to other occupations. They accept higher positions in their work; get complementary occupations, sometimes courses, sport and unnoticeably a substitute of the sexual half. According to a Ragnaar Beer from the University in Goettingen from 32,000 men and women, who don’t make love with their halves 45 % from the men and 46 % from the women dodge the problem and find a hobby or complementary work to distract.

In such a situation the biggest mistake could to fall away in self regretting and complaint of the destiny and the life. For the two of the genders is valid the rule, that there is nothing more sexy and more attractive from a half who is positive and takes the initiative. The variety in the bed could help you to find new pleasures, and also it will strengthen the relations with the sweetheart. Sex can never be like it was in the sweet first months of your love, but the knowledge and the lax routine are not always something bad. The communication is good treatment – to determine and to discus the problem, to reveal your mistakes, that embarrass you and in that way you will surmount the difficulties.

Don’t forget the advantages that bring the intimate occupations:

  • An effect of calmness and nonchalance.
  • More healthy heart.
  • Decreases the depression.
  • Calms the pain.
  • Loss of weight.
  • At the women exists a bonus – during the orgasm this part of the brain that responds for the fear and the stress turns off.

And the most important – every time when you and your partner share positive feelings, like for example the making of love, your brain starts to associate his personality with pleasure.

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