Franceska Lavazza: people acquire the sense of luxury by choice and not by birth

An interview of Lubomir Stoykov

Франческа ЛавацаParis - Sofia
Franceska Lavazza is CEO “Corporate image” of Lavazza group. She is the leader of the team which creates the Public Relations and advertising strategies of the famous espresso brand as well as the concept and production of the famous calendar. I had the pleasure to make an interview with her especially for the readers of Fashion Lifestyle Magazine. We met at the lobby bar of the great InterContinental PARIS - LE GRAND HOTEL just couple of hours before the official launch of the new calendar, which took place at Versailles. In this article I used some questions of the “Mirrors” fashion show on bTV, for which I made the TV adaptation, shot by Rumen Ganev as well as questions of Armando Testa agency.

Lubomir Stoykov: What is the philosophy of the new Lavazza calendar?
Franceska Lavazza: The calendar this year is completely different from its previous editions. It is called “The most majestic espresso experience” and it shows the exclusive side of the Lavazza espresso. We present six different queens who are very sensual and strong and in a certain way they represent the different characteristics of the fragrant drink. The women show the power of sensuality and their only king is Lavazza espresso, of course.

Can you explain the values and symbols in the slogan “The most majestic espresso expirience”?
- The main meaning of the calendar is the exclusive side of the Lavazza espresso. The calendar is dedicated to everyone who looks for something special in everyday life – maybe small things, but they make people live something different. So if you can choose the small things, maybe you will be able to improve your lifestyle and your coffee break.

Франческа с останалите представители на фамилия ЛавацаTell me more about the idea for the calendar and what is its background?
- We worked with Armando Testa agency. We tried to create a new team and a new positioning of the brand. We started to look for a new photographer who is able to express our ideas. The whole creative team was thinking over the new photographs. We were striving to increase the emotional filling. We worked with values which are typical for our brand – creativity, applying the Italian spirit, quality and innovations. That’s how we managed to create something new and different.

What are the similarities and the differences between the previous editions of the calendar?
- Values are in common because there is one international communication code. We always put accent on the role of the women for transmitting the messages of Lavazza coffee. Sensuality is a leading motive in our calendar. In the last seven editions the use of colors and their meaning is very important. Each year we strive for being different – we work with a different photographer and we change the positioning of the brand.

Do you look for provocation?
- It’s not a provocation! We have looked for the surprising effect. The calendar is full of fashion and sensuality. In our interpretation of history and the Art Nouveau style there is also irony. So there’s a lot of strong emotion and sensuality.

Кралица Кук ГретелКралица Ваналика ІІ

How does the calendar become an important marketing tool?
The calendar is only the top part of a complicated strategy. It encourages and inspires all the initiatives, events, promotions and materials which will be used during the next year. The style of the photographs, the separate elements of each image, colors and the atmosphere serve to the positioning the brand. This year the concept was “The most majestic espresso experience” in addition to “Lavazza First class” and “The most incredible espresso experience”. We want to position Lavazza as a cult brand which makes the world of espresso favorite for everyone who enjoys coffee.

Кралица ЯсминWhat do you think of the new calendar, what did you share with Finley MacKay about the way of creating the images?
The images are majestic. They have a strong impact and are full of elegance not only because of the connection with queens but also thanks to the sets and the attitude of the models. Every one of them owns the style, the look and the character of a real queen. The sets were like Japanese prints full of details. We used iron, glass, patent leather, silk and velvet. There were plenty of geometrical and floral elements. But jewels are those that enhance the aristocratism of the magnificent models. The photographer takes us back to the beginning of the last century – it was a period which reflects the beuty of the women and their femininity.

Вълнуващи моменти от премиерата на новия календар във Версайския дворец – октомври 2007 година.The coffee break then becomes a majestic experience...
Accordin to Lavazza, people acquire the sense of luxury by choice and not by birth. Everyone can afford a royal coffee break. The most important thing is the ability to choose the right coffee. Lavazza really can make you feel like a king or queen…at least until you drink your coffee.

Как си обяснявате факта, че марката “Лаваца” е толкова известна в нашата страна? България е малка страна, а кафето на “Лаваца” заема значителен пазарен дял. Кои са причините за този успех на българските дистрибутори?
- Първо бих искала да благодаря на всичкте ни дистрибутори и на публиката, за начина, по който възприема нашия бранд. Тяхното отношение към кафе “Лаваца” не е просто като към някакъва марка, а като към нещо одухотворено, като към произведение на изкуството, което е нормално да бъде издигнато в култ. Ето защо за пръв път тази година във вашата страна използваме телевизионна реклама, тъй като бихме искали да повишим познаването на марката “Лаваца”. Създадохме рекламния спот с фотографа, с когото снимахме календара. За “Лаваца” България е изключително важна, защото във вашата страна сме лидер на пазара. Ето защо бихме искали да повишим още познанията на българите за кафето “Лаваца”.

Nine years ago Sofstok company (the official representative of Lavazza in Bulgaria) and I launched the idea to create a Lavazza fashion collection in Bulgaria. What do you think about the connection between the Lavazza coffee and fashion?
- Yes. Lavazza coffee is closer to fashion than any other brand. We use the same style and the same language as well as the same way of working because we start to prepare the calendar a year later than its official launch. And that is how things happen in fashion. We use this way of expressing ourselves, we pay attention to the outlook, make-up, we focus on femininity. That is why we are so close to fashion.

Вълнуващи моменти от премиерата на новия календар във Версайския дворец – октомври 2007 година.Франческа Лаваца заедно с брат си Луиджи Лаваца ( първият вляво)

How would you describe the look of the contemporary woman?
- The contemporary woman plays different roles – in family, in society, at work. In a certain way the calendar shows this social development of the women in different areas.

If I ask you to describe the woman today only with five words, what will you choose?
- Power, sensuality, creativity, patience and ability to manage with different situations – the contemporary women try to act like acrobat.

What is your personal style of dressing?
- I like Italian designers and fashion houses – Prada, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana. I like to mix different styles and then to find my own.

Любомир Стойков заедно с Франческа Лаваца на премиерата на новия календар във Версайския дворец – октомври 2007 година.Работен момент от интервюто на Любомир Стойков с Франческа ЛавацаЛюбомир Стойков интервюира Франческа Лаваца

In case of fire in your house what will be the three things that you will save?
- My two children and maybe my husband – they are not things but I will save them.

What is your favourite motto?
- Work hard and always try something new!

1. Franceska Lavazza
Photographer:© Diana Shingarova
2. Franceska and the other members of the Lavazza family who attended the presentation of the new calendar in Versailles in October 2007.
Source:© United Parners
3. Queen Kuk Grethel
Photographer: © Finlay MacKay
4. Queen Vanalika ІІ
Photographer: © Finlay MacKay
5. Queen Yasmine
Photographer: © Finlay MacKay
6. и 7. Exciting moment from the launch of the new calendar in Versailles – October 2007.
Photographer:© Diana Shingarova
8. Franceska Lavazza together with her brother Luigi Lavazza (the first from left), the host of the event and the photographer Finlay MacKay
Photographer:© Diana Shingarova
9. Lubomir Stoykov and Franceska Lavazza during the launch of the new calendar in Versailles – October 2007.
Photographer:© Diana Shingarova
10. Moment from the interview that Lubomir Stoykov has made with Franceska Lavazza at the lobby bar of the great InterContinental PARIS - LE GRAND HOTEL – October 2007.
Photographer:© Diana Shingarova
11. Franceska Lavazza interviewed by Lubomir Stoykov at the lobby bar of the great InterContinental PARIS - LE GRAND HOTEL – October 2007.
Photographer:© Diana Shingarova

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